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About The Ugandan Nomad

Hello! You’ve found me, and I’m so glad you’re here; it’s meant to be!

So I’m Ivan Nammanda and welcome to my blog, The Ugandan Nomad; a no-filter vaguely chronological space filled with stories and misadventures about my travel inspirations.

I’m just “ordinary guy on an extraordinary journey” if one is allowed to say his own life is extraordinary at 22. Basically, I don’t travel a lot, but travel of course. Usually in small groups, this gives much insight on the from different perspectives of my travel mates.

I Bungee Jumped Over the Nile in Jinja, Uganda.      By Adrift Uganda

I started this blog just months ago in early 2017 when I was getting more requent travels and decided to share my experiences and travel ideas and tips with you! After my stusdies at Makerere University, I was started working with one of Uganda’s most reknowned tour company (Travel 256 Ltd) and by the time I graduated in February 2017, I was adicted to travels. I’m working with Travel 256 Ltd as a Safari Consultant, but travel blogging became part of me too.

I was born in Mukono but now lives in Kampala, Uganda’s capital; left Mukno for my studies at Makerere University Kampala and I now have a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism

Now I live in the very special and amazing city of Kampala, Uganda, travel blogging and chasing adventure. I still travel quite a bit too. If you find yourself in this part of the world, be sure to say hi!

On my blog you will find the most marvelous collection of stories of my travel inspirations, my adventures and travel tips.

I believe that the world we live in has a lot to explore, and we we can’t know these amazing places without the travel bloggers and writers; that’s why I blog.

My blog is a collection of adventures that will hopefully entertain and make you wish to travel. In the meantime if you want to catch up with me in real time, follow me below!

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