About Me

About The Ugandan Traveler™

Ugandan Traveler™ is one of Africa’s most experienced Travel E-writer and consultant, offering product, service and value second to none. Ugandan Traveler™ is privately owned and managed and we take pride in providing customer service. We take care of every detail of your entire journey. We are one of the latest Uganda Travel updates with a team of experienced safari guides and tour operators who are permanent staff.

This not only guarantees the standard and safety of our partner safari vehicles but also provides our guests with a level of guide experience with very safari operators in Uganda. Compare our exceptional Signature Safaris and talk to one of our safari experts before you book your luxury safari to Uganda, or contact one of our Safari experts for assistance.

Safari Experience

Ivan Nammanda (proprietor of Uganda Traveler) has been operating safaris in Uganda for over the years and is one of East Africa’s most trusted and experienced travel consultants, professional and experienced in the region.

Your Safety Is Our Prime Concern

The Ugandan Traveler™ does not compromise the safety and security of our guests on safari. We carefully select and constantly review our choice of hotels throughout East Africa. We partner with the best tour operators owning and maintaining excellent fleet of safari vehicles on the road with the finest team of guides and we constantly monitor local conditions and make the necessary changes for the safety and comfort of our guests, at all times.

The Best safari Team In Uganda

Our guest services staff meet every guest on arrival at the airport and assist with hotel formalities and any other assistance required. Our partner safari companies provides the best level of service to all our guests, at no additional cost.

The Best Accommodation On Safari

UgandanTraveler™ features only the best selection of hotels, resorts, safari lodges and camps throughout Uganda. We carefully select and constantly review facilities, cuisine and service at all hotels. City hotels are well located with a selection of restaurants. Safari lodges and camps are situated in the heart of the best game viewing locations and always inside the wildlife national parks, reserves and sanctuaries. Our relationship with our hotels guarantees our guests always receive a very special welcome.

The Best Safari Vehicles

UgandanTraveler™ work with safari companies that owns and operates our fleet of 4WD safari vehicles. Every vehicle is custom built to our specifications. All vehicles carry a first aid kit, cool box (refrigerator), spare parts, a selection of field guides and spacious enough to accommodate the guests’ luggage. Every Safari vehicle undergoes a complete service and safety check after every safari in Kampala maintenance facility.

Safari Service!

UgandanTraveler™ prides itself on providing the best information and services from the time you make your reservations to the time you board your flight home. Designated customer service staff meet guests on arrival at the airport and escort them to their hotel to assist with registration and provide a welcome briefing.