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Places  I Recommend Not To Miss-out In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the most popular national parks in Uganda covering scenic 1978 sq km. It is one of the world’s few reserves that can boast such a high biodiversity rating. With landscape including sprawling savannah, sparkling lakes,bushlands, fertile wetlands and humid forests, that makes the park is an ideal home for over 96 species of mammals like the big game, ten primates species including chimpanzees and over 600 species of birds. With the scenic backdrop of the Rwenzori Mountains, the park’s magnificent vistas include dozens of enormous craters carved dramatically into rolling green hills, panoramic views of the Kazinga Channel with its banks lined with hippos, buffaloes and elephants, and the endless Ishasha plains, whose fig trees hide lions ready to pounce on herds of unsuspecting Uganda kob.

Lake George:

The papyrus swamps of this RAMSAR site are home to the semi-aquatic sitatunga antelope. One can spot the exclusive and most sought shoebill stork plus other native birds on the lake. Lake George is a great place for birdwatching trips in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Explosion Craters:

The 72 huge round basins scattered across the equator are evidence of the Albertine Rift’s bubbling volcanic past, and are a must-see for those with a particular interest in the region’s fascinating geological history. The 27km drive between the Kabatoro gate and Queen’s Pavilion takes in views of the enormous craters, circular lakes, the rift valley escarpment and the Kazinga Channel, all in front of mighty backdrop of the Rwenzori mountains. This is one of the best picturesque destinations in Uganda with an amazing scenery.

Katwe Salt Lake:

One of the most famous lookout points in Uganda is in the Katwe-Kabatoro community on Katwe Salt Lake where traditional salt mining has been practiced since the 16th century. The neighboring Lake Munyange is a bird sanctuary, as well as migratory location for the lesser flamingo from August to November.

Kasenyi Plains:

The vast Kisenyi is the perfect setting for a classic African Safari experience. Huge herds of Uganda kob attract prides of lions; warthogs graze bent down on their knees; guinea fowl scuttle through the grassland; and huge dark elephants stride across the game drive tracks, providing dream photo opportunities for visitors on a Uganda Wildlife Safari.

Mweya Peninsula:

Mweya is Queen’s focal point. It contains the visitors centre, a luxury lodge and restaurant, hostel, campsite, budget food options, the departure point for the Kazinga Channel launch trip and Hot Air Balloon Safari – and is still jam packed with birds and animals. Its elevated position commands gorgeous views of the Kazinga Channel and surrounding savanna, and its proximity to Kasenyi and the north Kazinga plains make it an ideal departure point for wildlife game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Kazinga Channel:

A cruise down the Kazinga channel is the most relaxing way to enjoy a wildlife safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The banks are crammed with hippos, buffaloes and water birds, along with caimans, monitor lizards, marabou storks, weaver birds and pairs of fish eagles. Elephants stride along the banks – all you need is to do is to sit back in your seat with your camera or binoculars and enjoy the incredible spectacle.

Kyambura Gorge:

The Kyambura river flows through the thick “underground forest”, 100 meters below the Kichwamba escarpment. The gorge is best known for its resident chimpanzees – some of which are habituated and can be tracked on a chimp tracking safari. While walking through the gorge you may spot other primates and some birds found the forest. The gorge entrance is a pleasant spot for a wild picnic.

Kyambura Wildlife Reserve:

The beautiful crater lakes of this reserve, located to the east of Kyambura Gorge, offer excellent opportunities to observe many water birds including greater and lesser flamingo and the great egret. The reserve is one of Uganda’s most diverse with a huge variety of wildlife to encounter.

Maramagambo Forest:

Buzzing with primates, including chimpanzees, baboons and several monkey species, the forest is also alive with numerous birds including the rare forest flycatcher, white-naped pigeon and the striking Rwenzori turaco. One can visit the ‘cormorant house’, a large tree that has been turned white by birds that roost here at night. The shady forest also conceals crater lakes and “Bat cave” with a specially constructed viewing room.

Ishasha Sector:

This remote southern region enjoys fewer visitors than the north – but those who venture this far may be rewarded with sightings of Ishasha most famous residents – the tree climbing lions lounging in the braches while keeping close eye on herds of Uganda kob. Ishasha sector is also home to many buffaloes and elephants as well as the rare shoebill stork. Ishasha is also a convenient region to pass through on the way to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for gorilla trekking in Uganda.

Uganda offers the best safari destination, with a variety of wildlife and natural wonders to explore. Meet the world’s friendliest people on your trip to Uganda.

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