Hike The Tororo Rock To Promote Uganda’s Unique Tourist Attractions | The Ugandan Nomad

Tororo rock hike promote the unique tourism product to the general public especially to the domestic market.

The hike attracts hundreds of participants from areas like Entebbe, Kampala and

Jinja town thronging the site, very eager and enthusiastic to ‘bring the rock down on its knees’.

Tororo Rock lies 5km, South East of the Tororo town centre, which is situated about 230km (140miles), East of Kampala city, the capital Uganda. This steep volcano stands alone in a generally flat plain, rises to about 1800m above sea level and can be seen many miles away. The rock is a distinguished feature among the residents of Tororo and in fact, it is a prominent landmark in Uganda.

The Tororo rock is one of the major tourist attractions in Uganda which the area residents treasure for its cultural connotations as well as the tourism attractiveness.

A hike on Tororo rock can be taken by anyone because it does not require climbing experience but gives one a chance to have a healthy sweat. The Tororo rock has a well maintained trail, well trained guides that give hikers geological formation information as they visit the several ancestral caves with various rock paintings.  It takes approximately one hour to the top and while there, one will enjoy panoramic view of mountain Elgon, Tororo town and Lake Victoria.

Planning to visit Uganda for an adventure tour, plan to visit Tororo rock for a hike.

Getting There: Tororo Town is about 3hours drive away from Kampala. Minibus-taxis and buses ply the route from Kampala to Tororo via Jinja and Iganga towns, and from the border town of Malaba on the Kenya-Uganda Border.


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  1. great job done. keep it up!


    1. Thanks Edith for reading my blog.


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