Where To Find The Unique Tree Climbing Lions in Uganda | The Ugandan Nomad

Lions are among Africa’s big 5 and Uganda’s big 7 (African Lions, Cape Buffalo, Afican Elephant, Rhinoceros, African Leopard, Mountain Gorillas and human closest relative – Chimpanzees) found Uganda’s National Parks and wildlife reserves. Lions are among the most sought wild animals on game drive.

Lions among the cat family though they are not known for climbing trees, Uganda lions being found up in the tree branch is a unique adventure moment.

Lions are often found in the open savannah grasslands roaming around, sleeping, resting or hunting but in Uganda – lions normally climb and rest in these fig trees when noon approaches. It is hard some times to find them up in the trees when it is raining, or when it is still slippery in the morning.

These tree climbing lions of Uganda are found in Queen Elizabeth National Park in the Southern section near the Congo boarder and the Kidepo Valley National Park in north-eastern Uganda .

Uganda’s tree climbing lions climb and rest in the umbrella-shaped fig trees to hide-away from the sun, spy on their prey, and some times run away from the mosquitoes or tsetse flies. The Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth id the famous destination to sight these tree lions. Also tree-climbing lions can be sighted in Kidepo Valley National Park hanging in the sausage trees.

Planning to travel to Africa, visit the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth for an ultimate Uganda experience.


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